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The term ‘confine space’ has a very wide application in industry. Some situations are clearly confined spaces such as a closed tank, reactor vessels and large ducts. Other situations are less obvious but can be equally hazardous – e.g. open-topped tanks, particularly heavier than air vapors are processed, furnaces, ovens, tunnels and unventilated spaces where an accumulation of hazardous gas can build up because inadequate of air circulation.

A confined space is defined as any vessels or enclosed space that is :

  • Is not intended to be regular workplace
  • Has restricted means for entry and exit
  • May have inadequate ventilation and/or an atmosphere which is either contaminated or may be oxygen deficiency
  • Is at atmospheric pressure during occupancy.

The hazards that may be involved in this job of entering a confined space are:

  • Toxic Gas or Vapor
  • Flammable Gas or Vapor with Potential for Fire or Explosion
  • Lack of Oxygen
  • Other Hazards

It is vital to have competent operators who execute the works.
It is important to understand that some gasses or vapors are heavier than air and will settle to the bottom of the confined space.

Ventilation is a necessary process to remove harmful gasses and vapors from the confined space by a blower or airductor. There are several methods for ventilation of a confined space. The method and equipment selection depends upon the size of the confined space openings, the gasses to be exhausted (are they flammable) and the source of the fresh/”new” air.

Isolation is a process where all pipes connected to the confined space are totally disconnected. This is to prevent any kind of gasses or product flowing into the confined space whilst a worker is performing his job.

Preparation of Confined Space Entry and details step for the confined space entry shall be detailed out in sequent. All the equipment’s such as cyclone unit, water jetting and other equipment to be inspected prior execution to confirm the safety and regulation at the site.

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